Tonia Gooderham
I have been playing tennis for 45 years and coaching full time for the past 28 years.

I began my coaching/teaching career in 1982 gaining a Bachelor of Education honours degree in physical education and further education.

I am also a qualified Lawn Tennis Association tennis coach (Level 4). I have attended some 15 consecutive years of in-service training, gaining extremely valuable information from many countries, notably Canada, United States, France, Belgium and Sweden.

I teach and coach using all the best info gained, integrating it into a clear framework for learning to play tennis.

Also I am a Level 1 Bollettieri coach. This has given me a very high level of technical understanding.

As a complementary training I qualified as an Alexander Technique practitioner (2004-2007 ). This body/mind technique has been very applicable to tennis playing.

I am very committed to discovering and learning more as a coach, always aiming to enhance the service I provide.